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Sealcoating is the process of applying coal tar emulsion over asphalt surfaces. Doing so protects the surface from damage caused by exposure to weather and vehicle traffic. Sealcoating is to asphalt as varnish is to wood surfaces.

At Advanced Pave and Seal, we recommend sealcoating to lengthen the lifespan of asphalt surfaces. Changing climates and constant traffic can cause holes to form on the surface. Sealcoating fills these small holes and keeps the surface smooth. We provide sealcoating solutions that fit every customer’s need and budget. For several years, we have been the most trusted provider of sealcoating services in Pueblo, CO.

As asphalt sealcoating specialists, we advise that newly paved asphalt surfaces be given time to cure. Curing is very important in sealcoating, as it helps remove excess oils from the surface through oxidation. We recommend that asphalt surfaces be given at least one year to cure before sealcoating.

Typically, sealcoating is done every two or three years. Light traffic asphalt surfaces such as driveways require less sealing, while parking lots need more frequent sealing. Sealcoating must be left to professionals. At Advanced Pave and Seal, we assign experienced crew members in every project and can work with any budget.

Sealcoating, when done properly, provides a number of benefits. This is why at Advanced Pave and Seal, we are committed to providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction within reasonable prices.

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